Our understanding of the local business community and job market helps us serve both clients and candidates. We’ll find you the top candidates and ensure they’re the right for you.


  • Being in the right place at the right time
  • Covering a high demand seasonal workload
  • Relax and let us do the work
  • We never get caught without a reference
  • Find the right crew
  • Providing a healthy and safe environment
  • Stand taller in the crowd
  • Leading you down the right path
  • Tapping into the job market
  • We listen when you call

We’re Local

You’ll benefit from our years of experience and knowledge of the local business community. Understanding our local market helps us serve both clients and candidates with targeted searches. We are locally owned and operated and we’re proud of the longevity of our recruiting team and the quality, flexible solutions we provide. We have the connections, the knowledge, the experience, and great tools. Why go anywhere else?

We’re Results Driven Too

Approximately 75% of all business expenses are related to human resources, including benefits, absenteeism, recruitment and turnover. Since 1997, Muskoka Staffing has helped businesses of all shapes and sizes manage human resource challenges, allowing them to build a better staff and achieve better business results. Company owners and managers evaluate their people in terms of accountability, productivity and knowledge. We exercise these same standards. Our quality-driven approach is why over 90% of our business comes from repeat clients.


Short and long term assignments.
Seasonal recruitment.
Staff vacation.
Medical/Maternity Leave.


Test a potential new hire prior to a full time job offer.
Reduce the cost of hiring errors.
No additional costs after a qualifying period of time.


Muskoka Staffing advertises, recruits, screens and reference checks for you!
You choose the level of involvement in the hiring process.


  1. Muskoka Staffing is able to find and identify top candidates using our extensive database. In addition, we also utilize our referral network, social media and association networking.
  2. After we review resumes, we will ask preliminary questions to determine which skills testing the candidate needs to take.
  3. A potential candidate is not considered available for employment until a minimum of two professional references are contacted. We facilitate background checks at the request of our clients.
  4. Prior to a candidate joining your organization, the candidate receives a customized orientation including dress code, safety rules and any other information specific to your needs.
  5. We conduct follow-up checks based on the supervisor’s needs and preferences.

We stand behind our service.

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